Test environment

  • AWS EC2 eu-west-1 c5.large (2x Xeon Platinum 8124M CPU @ 3.00GHz)
  • Ubuntu 18.04 (hvm-ssd/ubuntu-bionic-18.04-amd64-server-20180912 ami-00035f41c82244dab)
  • Node.js v10.11.0

The contenders

  • jimp v0.5.3 - Image processing in pure JavaScript. Provides bicubic interpolation.
  • mapnik v4.0.1 - Whilst primarily a map renderer, Mapnik contains bitmap image utilities.
  • imagemagick-native v1.9.3 - Wrapper around libmagick++, supports Buffers only.
  • imagemagick v0.1.3 - Supports filesystem only and "has been unmaintained for a long time".
  • gm v1.23.1 - Fully featured wrapper around GraphicsMagick's gm command line utility.
  • sharp v0.21.0 / libvips v8.7.0 - Caching within libvips disabled to ensure a fair comparison.

The task

Decompress a 2725x2225 JPEG image, resize to 720x588 using Lanczos 3 resampling (where available), then compress to JPEG at a "quality" setting of 80.


Module Input Output Ops/sec Speed-up
jimp buffer buffer 0.71 1.0
mapnik buffer buffer 3.32 4.7
gm buffer buffer 3.97 5.6
imagemagick-native buffer buffer 4.06 5.7
imagemagick file file 4.24 6.0
sharp stream stream 25.30 35.6
sharp file file 26.17 36.9
sharp buffer buffer 26.45 37.3

Greater libvips performance can be expected with caching enabled (default) and using 8+ core machines, especially those with larger L1/L2 CPU caches.

The I/O limits of the relevant (de)compression library will generally determine maximum throughput.

Benchmark test prerequisites

Requires ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick and Mapnik:

brew install imagemagick
brew install graphicsmagick
brew install mapnik
sudo apt-get install imagemagick libmagick++-dev graphicsmagick libmapnik-dev
sudo yum install ImageMagick-devel ImageMagick-c++-devel GraphicsMagick mapnik-devel

Running the benchmark test

git clone
cd sharp
npm install
cd test/bench
npm install
npm test